A Little About Us

Plow prides itself on being a small, independent creative firm doing cutting-edge work. Within our industry we’re known as software developers. We think of ourselves as digital storytellers, dreamers and innovators working in a fusion of art and code. We eat, live and breathe emerging technologies and invest in the know how to be on the ever-changing frontier.

Plow partners with agencies, Fortune 500 companies to local, not-for-profits to produce compelling interactive experiences. We are currently working on some groundbreaking ideas with an amazing roster.

A few of our stellar partners and the work we collaborate on:

  • Caldwell VanRiper (CVR) – Indianapolis, IN
  • ConRadical – Fenton, MI
  • LABOV – Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Story Worldwide – New York, NY
  • Yellow Submarine Marketing – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Young & Laramore – Indianapolis, IN

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More About You

We know that it takes more than creativity to win business; it takes a process that involves time, teamwork and trust. Our process is specifically crafted to meet agency needs: Discovery, Wireframing, UX and UI Design, Programming and Testing. And we don’t stop there. Once your experience has launched we continue to work with you on tracking analytics, client improvements, software upgrades and more.

We share our best practices so that wherever and whenever you need our help, you’ll know how to proceed. We’ve found that a collaborative approach – working with our partners, not for them – produces the best results.

We understand that to build an effective digital strategy you need to know the business goals and brand story. We can help you with the seamless integration between channels – iPad, mobile, desktop and new acquisition channels. We’ll help you explore customer segments that you may not be reaching with cutting-edge strategies and tools to help identity them.

If you’d like to offer your clients powerful interactive experiences –apps, websites, games and tradeshow experiences-we’re the partners that will turn over new ground to get you there.

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