Plow Digital works with the education market creating “edutaining” games to help children engage in fun interactive play that cunningly captivates and teaches. Fun and imagination blend to engage children in real-world tasks as well as math, science and language lessons. See how we make websites and/or apps developed for mobile, online and personal apps the very latest in teaching tools.


Take your customers into rich, interactive worlds laced with humor and adventure, places where they confront unique characters, navigate vibrant terrains and complete challenging quests. Plow Digital delivers unique entertainment that engages users on all levels, whether it’s to introduce them to your products, engage them in your organization or just show them a good time.


With mobile devices becoming the focal point in people’s lives, you need a partner that lives at the center of this exploding community, but one that also knows how to transfer any experience to a desktop. Plow Digital can help you connect with your users and followers, using web-based, interactive and device-specific tools to engage them more deeply in your brand and your business, whether they’re on the go or at their computers.


Plow Digital has a wide range of experience with many platforms. In addition to stand alone apps, we can develop custom software. Software can be tailored to meet your needs and push your product to its fullest potential.