Edwin the Duck
iPhone App

Birds of a feather

If pi lab had stopped at simply making an adorable rubber duck wireless speaker, the company probably could have done well enough. But pi lab wanted to create something more … something that could delight, entertain and educate children. And that’s where Plow comes in.

Plow created the Edwin App, the iOS-, Android- and Windows- blue tooth enabled device-compatible app that is the key to bringing Edwin’s world to life. Working with educators, musicians and cognitive specialists, Plow and pi lab made sure Edwin delivered a rewarding experience to every child. The Edwin App features stories, games, interactive educational experiences and more.

Yes, Edwin is a wireless speaker, and he is a rubber ducky (Sure! Take him into the tub at bath time!), but he’s also a smart toy designed to make learning fun. With new features and content in constant development, Edwin builds on four key areas: Story Time, Play Time, Song Time and Sleepy Time, and he grows with your child, coming to life with unique stories, songs, and games.

Sales training modules

Teeing up success

As one of the world’s top manufacturers of golf shoes and gloves, FootJoy relies on countless golf pro shops and retail outlets to sell its products. The challenge? Making sure that broad array of outlets delivers consistent training to sales representatives. One of our agency partners, LABOV, worked with their clients at FootJoy to create their first-ever online training resource. LABOV & Plow Digital developed a series of Flash sales training modules in a number of regional versions. With dynamic graphics, copy timed to a voice-over and product videos, the modules gave FootJoy a custom framework that delivers consistency in an updatable and engaging format.

Destination Cellars
Corporate website, Cork Diaries blog, wine label series, print collateral, print & online advertising and Honor website

Uncorking a winner

Hemingway once wrote “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.”

When your product overflows with beauty, civility and sophistication, your entire brand and customer experience must reflect that. For Destination Cellars, which combines the civility of wine with the experience of peerless luxury vacation experiences, that has meant creating a seamless blend in your collateral, web presence, advertising and packaging.

Founded in 2006 and launched in February of 2007, Destination Cellars targets the oenophile who wants to enjoy his or her Malbecs, Rieslings and Syrahs in the distinctive places where they are made and savored. To support this work, Plow Digital helped David Keuhner, president and founder, and his team create beautiful, compelling branding and materials. From the corporate website, wine portals, a daily blog and on- and offline advertising to wine labels and packaging design, Plow has helped Destination Cellars create a clear and distinctive brand.

The result? As 2009 concluded, Destination Cellars was one of the few clubs to post positive gains for the year, increasing their revenues by more than 250%.


Imagery provided by Celia Carey – www.celiacarey.com