Lilly Connect @ Lunch
Website, Mobile App

Making great connections

Eli Lilly and Company knows that when the right people get together, great things happen. Of course, for a large firm, knowing that is only half the battle – you also need to make sure the right people find each other. To tackle this challenge, Eli Lilly turned to Plow.

Plow’s answer is Connect@Lunch, a digital connector that helps Eli Lilly employees meet, foster new relationships, share information and trade ideas. Used as part of the onboarding process for new employees, the system has three parts: a web-based administration site that houses the database and administrative tools; a web app that allows users to search for events; and an iOS app that allows people to search for events on smartphones and tablets.

The result? A system that connects people in a large company who otherwise might never stumble across each other, allowing for speedier knowledge transfer, stronger internal networks and a quicker process for introducing new employees to the company’s history, business, industry, markets and culture.

You Are There: That Ayres Look – Ayres Clock
3D, Augmented Reality, App

Step back in time to clean your clock

With its “You Are There: That Ayres Look” exhibit, the Indiana Historical Society lets visitors step into the past. By adding iPad technology to that exhibit, Plow lets those visitors bring the past to life.

Guests enter the exhibit by stepping through a photo of the old L.S. Ayres department store projected onto a fine mist. Once inside, they find a half-scale model of the Ayres clock that has, for decades, served as an iconic landmark in downtown Indianapolis.

Simply getting a close look at the clock that has always hung two stories above street level will thrill many visitors, but the experience is enhanced when guests pick up a furnished iPad. Holding that tablet up to the clock, they trigger an augmented-reality feature showing a 1930s scene workers cleaning the clock, complete with voiceovers and ambient sound.

Featuring new 3D object tracking, live video feed and high-quality 3D artwork created in Maya™, the iPad technology opens the door to the past, providing a high-tech complement to the artifacts arrayed throughout the exhibit and the costumed actors representing historical characters from the store’s past.

Destination Indiana Website

Granting access to Indiana’s past

The Indiana Historical Society understands that a picture is only worth a thousand words if people can see the picture.

To help the organization known as “Indiana’s Storyteller” share its extensive collection of historical Indiana photographs, Plow created a gateway to the images that allows educators teaching Indiana history to easily access and display pictures.

With such apps as Photopedia and Storehouse as inspiration, Plow reviewed the features and functionality defined in wireframes provided by the Indiana Historical Society, and designed a system with an intuitive and engaging interface that puts the state’s stories at users’ fingertips.

Drinks Destroy Teeth
iPhone, Android App, 3D

Fight tooth decay the virtual way

How sugary is that drink you’re drinking? And what’s it doing to your teeth?

Plow is helping the Indiana Dental Association pose those questions to educators, students and dentists through an interactive science lab that demonstrates the hidden dangers in our favorite drinks. Users can test their knowledge in the virtual pH and sugar science labs, and use interactive sugar spoons to guess how much sugar is in various drinks and more.

Then, to get a sense of what all of this sugar does to teeth, users can examine a digital 3D model of human teeth, rotating them, and pinching and zooming to look more closely. As they examine the teeth, users will encounter several “hot spots” that, when activated by tapping, deliver an animation with close-ups. Coinciding with the hot spots are callouts with information about each of the damaging effects on teeth, such as decalcification, decay, fluoride, acid, plaque and bacteria. Built on widely used and well-supported Unity™, the app will be distributed on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Edwin the Duck
iPhone App

Birds of a feather

If pi lab had stopped at simply making an adorable rubber duck wireless speaker, the company probably could have done well enough. But pi lab wanted to create something more … something that could delight, entertain and educate children. And that’s where Plow comes in.

Plow created the Edwin App, the iOS-, Android- and Windows- blue tooth enabled device-compatible app that is the key to bringing Edwin’s world to life. Working with educators, musicians and cognitive specialists, Plow and pi lab made sure Edwin delivered a rewarding experience to every child. The Edwin App features stories, games, interactive educational experiences and more.

Yes, Edwin is a wireless speaker, and he is a rubber ducky (Sure! Take him into the tub at bath time!), but he’s also a smart toy designed to make learning fun. With new features and content in constant development, Edwin builds on four key areas: Story Time, Play Time, Song Time and Sleepy Time, and he grows with your child, coming to life with unique stories, songs, and games.