Lilly AR Poster
App, Augmented Reality

Eli Lilly and Company knows that when you’re promoting a program called “Innovate IT,” traditional posters and PowerPoints won’t get the job done. After all, you can’t talk about innovation using old-school technology.

So Eli Lilly turned to Plow, who partnered with Eli Lilly IT guy Jeff Weisgerber in Lilly IT to develop Lilly AR Poster – an interactive poster that virtually comes to life to engage users.

To make it work, Plow created a poster of a headshot of a Lilly IT representative. When the user holds up an iPad to the poster, the pictured representative begins to speak about the Innovate IT program. Then she steps out of the poster and into the room with the viewer, engaging with the poster and other objects.

For this show-stopping technology, Plow designed and printed the poster, performed a half-day video shoot with the talent, and created an app for the iPad using Xcode, the Metaio plugin and Adobe After Effects.

Endless Blitz Mobile Game

March 14, 2014 – The Midwestern h.h. gregg Appliances’ freshman e-commerce chief is in the midst of a mobile offensive: m-commerce site, mobile e-mail, Endless Blitz game app, geo-targeting, push notifications and text messages, and, coming soon, iPhone and Android shopping apps. 75% of in-store shoppers have mobile devices, making mobile an absolute priority, h.h. gregg’s Kevin Lyons says.

Corporate sales app and kiosk

Edge-of-the-seat sales

A company that’s on the cutting edge of ergonomics shouldn’t be on the trailing edge of sales technology. That’s why Humanscale called on Plow Digital.

Before partnering with Plow Digital, Humanscale, a maker of world-class ergonomic furniture, sent its sales reps into the field with thick, heavy catalogs. Now? The reps get to show off a custom iPad sales app that makes it easy to show Humanscale products and their features.

From the main menu, the sales rep can quickly swipe and choose specific products to showcase, and then call up PDFs of brochures, high-resolution images and full-screen videos of the products in action. A planned second phase of the app will give reps fully interactive 3D experiences that display products from any angle and allows the reps to change displayed features and materials and quickly demonstrate a range of benefits.

Guinness World Records
Gamers Edition Arcade app

Record-setting ideas

What better way to promote a world record brand than to challenge people to set records of their own? When Guinness World Records wanted an app to help promote its GWR: Gamers Edition, it tapped Plow Digital to create a way to let social media followers participate in a record-setting competition.

With five games that challenge players to post their best scores, the app displays a global scoreboard that keeps track of worldwide user ranking. At the end of the initial promotion, the top-scoring player in each game was added to the 2012 edition of the printed Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition book.

The result? The app had many downloads – and, as a result, Guinness asked that it be updated for 2013.

Arthritis Foundation
TipShare mobile app & website

A joint effort

When it comes to dealing with the joint pain caused by arthritis, The Arthritis Foundation knows that no one person has all the answers. That’s why it called on Plow Digital to create a web-based forum where the wide community of people dealing with joint pain can share pain-relief tips.

Accessible on the Web and through mobile devices, the Arthritis Foundation’s Tip Share gives arthritis sufferers access to community-provided tips on managing joint pain. With threaded discussion and the ability to rate Tips, view highest-rated Tips and filter by arthritis type, Tip Share makes it easy to get information from anywhere, any time. Working in partnership with ConRadical, Plow Digital built a Mobile app that exports easily to iOS and Android alike, and a website version that shares all the features of the mobile app, with a consistent interface.